Hey, I'm Paul, welcome to my page...

I'm a software developer by trade, but I have been fortunate to be able to move out of the tech world and into an area I'm more passionate about, and now work at Mossy Earth where we are trying to make the world a wilder place again.

I'm very active and have always been sporty - currently mostly bouldering, but hopefully some swimming again... I love music and live music in particular (Spotify playlist of new-ish stuff), and current interests also include complexity science (I'm guaranteed to mention Dave Snowden or Tyson Yunkaporta at least once in a conversation with you - a great conversation involving them).

I have very poor episodic memory, which I wrote about here - although I've come to realise that not being able to visualise things also likely plays a part.

I'm fortunate enough to generally be able to get things I want, so if you're ever very generously thinking of buying me a gift, then I'd appreciate an extra contribution to my Mossy Earth impact ❤️

You can toot me @paulcox@toot.wales

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